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Tips to make your Honda CG 125 / CG-125 / CG125 / CG125-ES / CG125-ES4 go faster

1 - Change the oil.
I prefer Silkolene PRO 4 10w40 1L - as it performs well and at approx 850ml per fill, every 6th fill is "free".
(Over a 942 metre stretch of tarmac i hit a 5mph higher top speed today - 19th April 2018 - than with the 1498.7 mile old oil immediately prior.)
It's red. If you drop your bike and it bleeds, then you have a slightly more serious problem.
Anyway, putting Silkolene PRO 4 10w40 1L in a CG-125, is a bit like feeding caviar to a pig.
In terms of oil, a CG will - like a pig - consume pretty much anything

2 - Lose weight. You - not the CG125 - it's not fat.
(I am a bit, the more weight I lose, the faster the CG gets.)

3 - Carry a hi-viz. Wear it (most sensible) or carry it in a rucksack. Weird fact is that the highest indicated speed I have seen out of my Honda CG125-ES4, was when I was carrying a hi-viz jacket in my rucksack. I also had a very strong tailwind and was going down a long, steep hill, but that's purely co-incidence...
Correlation, does not = causation.
Other websites have reported similar.

4 - Sell it for a profit and use the money to buy a faster bike, like a Honda CB125R Neo Sports Café

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Great for filtering
If you filter where traffic doesn't normally go, don't be surprised WHEN you get a puncture, it might save you loads of time, but could hurt your wallet - or worse!.

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