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   _autodiscover._tcp SRV records
   Versions of Microsoft Outlook use these to locate the relevant Exchange server.

   _adsp TXT records
   Author Domain Signing Practices (Deprecated) were used to handle DKIM signed email for a domain.
   I set to "dkim=discardable" which really meant "dkim=required".

   Certificate Authority Authorisation
   This record of type TXT authorises a Certificate Authority to generate certificate for a domain.

   _dmarc TXT records are policies to indicate how to handle email that fails DKIM & SPF checks
   RFC7489 has more info if you like reading RFCs.

• MX
   Mail eXchange records indicate where to deliver email to - with some exceptions

• NS
   NameServer records are how to find the server(s) that gives you all the other records listed here

   Start Of Authority records prove the DNS is valid, in theory...

   TXT records including SPF, SenderID*, DMARC reports acceptance for a different domain, etc.
   * SenderID is NOT recommended by NIST Special Publication 800-177 - Trustworthy Email revision 1, feb 2019.

   Service records. this type of DNS record can be used for things like AUTODISCOVER records


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